About Me

I recently finished my last semester at Grand Valley State University to complete my bachelors in Computer Science. I'm very interested in developing efficient and flexible software with clean, attractive, and highly usable interfaces. I have been improving my programming and graphic design skills for over ten years.

My Goal

I strive to obtain a full-time job where I can apply my knowledge and skill set for the advancement of the company and myself.

A Brief History

I wrote my first complete computer program in seventh grade. It was a Connect 4 game in QBASIC and a culmination of the previous year's untrained efforts. Though surprisingly usable and full-featured, I had never taken a computer science class, a fact clearly reflected in the code. I soon remedied that situation by signing up for Computer Science 1 in ninth grade. From that time on I have been enrolled in CS classes every year, continually learning new languages and techniques.

How to Contact Me